Seeing My Handicapped Daughter Who Passed


25-KariBearyWell for me its been 2 1/2 years now since our mentally and physically handicapped (disabled) daughter Kari Beem, passed over. It felt like my world would collapse. The pain was something I thought I could never bear. During that period of time I met and heard from some wonderfully supportive folks. We have apparently been the lucky ones. I too was depressed and I still cry for our loss.  As a biologist the answer did not come in conventional ways.  What a learning experience now!

sVisits-to-HeavenWhat I want to share is the fact I have met people around the world who have had near death experiences and shared them with me and others. Our loved ones visit us often and remind us that we all have a purpose here. They confirm that, incredible love is what we are all about. At some point we have to go on this world, but remember that they are with us always. When you think you hear, see or feel them, that is their way of letting you know they are with you.

I was fortunate to become close friends Debra Lynne Katz.  Together we founded the Kari Beem Research Foundation. Part of my daughter's story is now in Josie Varga's book Visits to Heaven    (the sequel to her earlier book, Visits from Heaven) I highly recommend both.

Its tragic to lose a loved one. But look how much it has moved us in another direction. They are never far from us....those aren't words....I know they are real and don't let your faith tell you different about Heaven or Hell. God is Love and Love drives it all...we are a part of him and they are with him now.

My best to you all....Lance Beem
February 22, 2011

The Kari Beem Research Foundation, Woodland, CA

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