Soul Chat: Thursday, October 13, 2011
The Kari Beem Research Foundation’s
Lance Beem & Debra  Katz

 In case you missed Soul Chat
 with Lance Beem and Debra Katz,
you can catch the
archived episode below:

Discovering that his daughter lived
on after her recent tragic death….





Kari Beem Research Foundation

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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to utilize “New Mind Technologies” in a scientific manner to obtain information through non-ordinary means.  We are a select group of research scientists, clinical physicians, health care professionals & intuitive practitioners.  Through scientifically validated research, we will continue to develop innovative medical interventions and techniques for the diagnosis and management of:

      1.)  Life threatening illnesses,
      2.) Post-traumatic stress disorder
      3.)  Autism
      4.) Genetic disorders
      5.) The dying process. 

We will pursue the integration of current medical techniques with greater understanding of spiritual aspects of diseases and disorders of the human condition.  We honor the most ancient and modern principles of science and medicine; the integration of treatment with Spirit.

The Kari Beem Research Foundation, Woodland, CA

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